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100 Days of Prayer

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Each day provides opportunities for us to renew our focus on God. When we center our lives on him, we worship him, not only with our words and deeds, but also with our prayers. This text contains one hundred devotional readings that are intended to remind you of the need for prayer and the power of prayer. The ideas in this book are also intended to remind you of the eternal promises found in God’s holy word.

The topics include:
• The Effects of Prayer
• The Power of Prayer
• God’s Guidance
• An Intensely Bright Future: Yours
• Growing in Christ

In addition to the devotional, each session provides several options for contemplation, memorization, and reflection:
• Memory verse
• Over 300 quotes from 200 well-known theologians and inspirational writers and speakers
• Closing prayer

If you’re facing a powerful temptation or a seemingly unsolvable problem, don’t give up and don’t stop praying. Instead, keep searching for direction—God’s direction. And while you’re at it, keep searching for perspective and wisdom—starting with God’s wisdom. This book will help you discover the comfort, the power, and the peace that only he can give.