Best Sellers/Life Recovery Bible: NLT Second Edition (personal size)

Life Recovery Bible: NLT Second Edition (personal size)

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The Life Recovery Bible is the #1–selling recovery Bible with over 3 million copies in print. This Bible for addiction points to God himself as the primary source of recovery with essential tools and features that help free people from the grip of addiction. It is widely used in tangent with the 12 Step recovery programs, in correctional facilities, and by individuals seeking help taking their life back from behaviors and substances that have held them captive.

This Second Edition of The Life Recovery Bible is updated with new articles on addiction recovery as well as a step-by-step life recovery meeting guide for leaders. This NLT Bible is essential to anyone starting or running recovery groups at church or in the community. The Second Edition works seamlessly with the original version. This allows users of both editions to communicate easily with each other regarding the location of notes and other features.

Text size: 7.71


    • Life Recovery Facilitator’s Guide
    • Step-by-Step Life Recovery Meeting Guide
    • Article: Thriving in a Secular Recovery Group
    • Article: Life-Giving Recovery Groups in the Church
    • Resources page directing readers to helpful books and online resources
    • The 12 Christian Foundations of Life Recovery
    • The 12 Self-Evident Truths of Life Recovery
    • Article: A Word about Addictions
    • Article: An Early History of Life Recovery
    • Makes an excellent addiction recovery gift for loved ones