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Understanding & Loving a Person w/Borderline Personality Disorder

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Have you ever had a friend or loved one yell at you for no reason? Do you have a friend who distorts reality so much that you wonder if you are going crazy? Does your spouse or coworker accuse you of having irresponsible behavior, lying, or being antagonistic when none of those charges are true?

You may be dealing with someone with borderline personality disorder (BPD). It can be easy to think the other person's destructive behavior is your fault. But it's not your fault, and there is hope. This book offers stories and advice about:

• How to develop healthy boundaries with someone with BPD
• How to relate to people with BPD at church and in the office
• Alternative therapies for someone whose spouse has BPD
• Why our anger can offer opportunities for growth
• How children of people with BPD can heal
• How to decode explosive behavior and get to the underlying issue

This book will equip you to love and support someone with BPD without encouraging destructive behavior or hurting yourself. You don't need to feel alone any longer. Help is on the way.