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My Life My Journey

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Designed to help you write a cherished keepsake by answering guided questions. Follow along, answer the simple questions, and before you know it, you will have created a family keepsake. A simple do-it-yourself, guided memoir, that will take you through your life's journey and leave a legacy for your family.

My Life My Journey is broken down into chapters from the time you were a newborn, to elementary school, to high school, and all the way to the present. The chapters are thought-provoking but simple enough for you to move through the journal with ease. Big font to help all readers, with plenty of room for anyone to write comfortably. You will be amazed at how much you will want to write and how much fun it will be reminiscing about your journey.

My Life My Journey is the perfect gift for any loved one. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness and recognize that their journey is important to the person presenting this cherished gift. This will be a great conversation piece, it will get some laughs, maybe some tears, and for sure a lot of smiles. This is the perfect way to get down all your experiences and memories on paper, so it will be treasured forever.