New Life Perspectives: Restoration & Restitution

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Run Time: 42 min 44 sec

Steve, Henry, and Dave address the process of repentance, restitution, and restoration in this New Life Perspective. They approach the topic with both Biblical references and hands-on applications to real life situations. They define what true repentance involves, discuss the motives that drive repentance and explain why it takes time to prove trustworthiness after repentance. Next they move on to the topic of restitution and teach what is involved in bringing a relationship back to the way it was before it was broken. They provide examples of behaviors that can help promote restitution in real life situations and explain why “making it right” often requires more than just confession. The CD concludes with a conversation about restoration and explains how restoration requires forgiveness, the power of the Holy Spirit, and a willingness of the offended party to “give up the debt”.