New Life Perspectives: Imprints of Intimacy I & II

New Life Perspectives: Imprints of Intimacy I & II

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  • Author: Steve Arterburn, Milan & Kay Yerkovich
  • Release Date: 1/1/2005
  • Binding: CD

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Product Description

Couples and families entering a therapist’s office for help initially share a myriad of different problems. Rather than putting band-aids on surface symptoms, therapists focus on root causes of relational difficulties. In this CD, Milan and Kay explain how to identify and change four unhealthy attachment styles, which when addressed can bring amazing changes to any relationship. God designed us to need connection and comfort. This resource will help the "lights go on" as you understand how to bring healing to your relationships at a core level.

Run Time: 1 hr 21 min 48 sec


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