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Living for What Really Matters

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We often glorify “the hustle,” hoping to find acceptance in our hard work. Yet for most of us, we find ourselves on the way to burnout and anxiety from sometimes pointless pursuits. What if meaningful struggle can instead lead us to growth, depth, and even joy?
/br> The apostle Paul understood hard work and struggle better than most. But even in prison, where we’d expect him to be at his lowest, he wrote a letter to his Philippian friends filled with thankfulness, generosity, and joy. This letter shows us how we can blossom by finding the meaning in our struggles.

Perfect for individual or group study, this study includes 7 weeks of in-depth devotionals on the book of Philippians, prayer sections to journal your thoughts at the end of each day, 5-8 daily reflection questions for deeper study, history lessons that provide background context for Scripture, guidance on using online word study and commentary resources, and cross-references to connect God’s larger story of the Bible.